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NO REVIVE - ENCOUNTER THUR, MAY 27 in celebration of 8th Gr. Graduation! May 20 is the last Revive until September 2021.


We will host ENCOUNTER a guided Holy Hour with exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament this summer 2021.
JUN 24 | JUL 22 | AUG 26
During Encounter, we sit in sacred silence, sing songs, listen to the Word through readings and reflection, and join together in prayer.

1st Thursday – More Than Words
Getting comfortable with the Bible - a new kind of study! The purpose is to collectively grasp an understanding of God through His Word and journey together to discover the meaning of passages.
Led by: Clergy and Staff
7-8 PM - Church or Online

2nd Thursday – School of Prayer
Prayer is something that is taught and learned. Get practical instruction that will help you pray better—now and for the rest of your life.
Led by: Clergy
7-8 PM - Church or Online

3rd Thursday – Catholicism 101
Discover the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.
Led by: Clergy
7-8 PM - Church or Online

4th Thursday – Encounter
During this time with the Lord, we sit in sacred silence, sing songs, listen to the Word through readings and reflection, and join together in prayer.
Led by: Clergy and Staff
7-8:30 PM - Church or Online

5th Thursday – Q&A Stump the Priest
Your chance to ask those vexing questions about liturgy, theology, church history, or parish nuts and bolts.
Led by: Clergy
7-8 PM - Church or Online

Moving our parish from Maintenance to Mission
Join us in person or online to grow your faith





Bible Verses to Help Us Live the Gift of Peace - Revive 11/05/20

The Rules of Discernment; St. Ignatius of Loyola - Revive 01/14/21 & 11/12/20

The Rules of Ignatius - Simplified - Revive 01/14/21 & 11/12/20

School of Prayer - Session 5 - Revive 02/11/21

Eucharist - Revive 04/15/21

Holy Spirit - Revive 05/11/21

If you missed our Lenten journey with "The Search" you may access it by clicking the link below.



A Message from Fr. Brian
September 2020

Hello St. Patrick family!

How strange, how weird, how difficult these past several months have been! We missed you so much for the months where we couldn’t have live Masses. At least we get to see some of your eyes at Mass now!

All of us on the parish staff have been working and praying on how to help all of us reengage, reignite, … REVIVE our faith and how we live it.

Our parish mission statement, “Forming Disciples, Leading all to Christ”, gives us a purpose and a responsibility to follow Jesus’ command, “Go out to all the nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” We are called to be missionary disciples! The question we have to ask ourselves, “Do we consider ourselves disciples - ready and prepared to share the Good News?”

Studies show that most of the people in the pews do not feel qualified or ready to do this. That’s where the first part of our mission statement comes into play – Forming Disciples.

Becoming a true disciple does not just happen! It takes effort. It takes passion! It’s what we hear in the Gospel this week – “If you would be my disciple, you must take up your cross and follow me!” We each have to realize that we can always grow in our relationship with Jesus. We need to be formed by Him! This process takes study, openness, and most of all, prayer!

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a plan on how we can all grow in our faith, how we can be REVIVED to live our mission.

Starting September 10th, and every Thursday thereafter at 7:00 pm – we will be meeting to grow as disciples. The overall program is called REVIVE! Every Thursday will have a different theme or topic based on what week in the month it falls:

1st Thursday of each month More Than Words. Getting comfortable with Scripture and studying God’s Word.

2nd Thursday School of Prayer. Our Church’s tradition is so rich in prayer practices and showing us how to get closer to Jesus. Prayer is our relationship with Him. We will discuss different prayer practices each month, equipping all of us with amazing tools of our faith.

3rd Thursday Catholicism 101. Learning about our Church’s teaching, practices, and history.

4th Thursday Encounter. A time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, reflection or guided meditation, and Praise and Worship.

5th Thursday Stump the Priest! Q&A with your priests. We will take questions in advance or live, or just come to listen (maybe learn?).

We would love to have you for each and every Thursday – whether in-person or watching online, but each one is designed to be stand-alone.

Come and join us for REVIVE Thursdays! Let us help each other and form each other to be true missionary disciples!