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That Man Is You


Begins September 13, 2021
St. Patrick Parish
6:00 AM Breakfast
6:30-7:30 AM Program

That Man is You! honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers. The program harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive!

The program is divided into two, 13-week sessions. The Fall session emphasizes the development of the Scriptural vision of man, especially in his relationship to his family and society while the Spring session emphasizes the practical means of becoming that man.


Week 1:  The Issue is Leadership
Week 2:  The Price of Failed Leadership
Week 3:  The Four Leadership Roles of Men
Week 4:  The Five Traits of Authentic Leaders
Week 5:  Steadfast Leadership
Week 6:  Attaining Clarity of Thought
Week 7:  Developing Integrity of Action
Week 8:  Laying a Foundation for the Future
Week 9:  Willingness to Pay the Price
Week 10:  Authentic Leadership in the Home
Week 11:  The Death of the West
Week 12:  The Cry of a Child
Week 13:  A New Day for Men

OBJECTIVES: Identify the four leadership roles of men. Identify the five personal traits necessary to fulfill authentic male leadership. Identify Satan’s enduring attack on authentic leadership. Understand how Christ perfectly fulfilled the leadership roles of man and offers every man the opportunity to do so.

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