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Weekly Offertory

Weekly Offertory and Special Collections

The weekly offertory collections taken during our weekend Masses are an important source of income for our parish.

Your weekly financial contributions make a big difference in our parish. Here are just a few ways your weekly gift is used:

  • To pay for the utilities which keep the parish buildings and school facilities running efficiently for all those who gather for prayer, education or social ministry.
  • To purchase the many supplies that are needed for our liturgies and sacraments, including hosts, wine, candles, prayer books, and hymnals.
  • To support the programs and staff which provide services to our nearly 2,000 parish families
  • To maintain the parish facilities and grounds so that our parishioners and visitors enjoy a positive welcoming experience each time they visit

Every registered parishioner who has not enrolled with OSV, our online electronic Offertory program, will receive personalized weekly offertory envelopes by mail. You can use these envelopes to make your regular offertory contributions at Mass and they will help us to record your donation amounts for tax purposes. Envelopes will also be provided for special collections and Holy Days.

If you are not a registered parishioner or do not have your envelopes with you, you can simply drop your contribution into the offertory basket when it is passed. Blank envelopes with a place to write your name and/or envelope number on them are available at the end of the pew as well.

Why Should I Register?

Those who worship at St. Patrick are encouraged to become part of our growing parish family by registering as members of the parish. Your registration affects our parish in many ways. Census numbers determine how many priests are assigned to a church, what benefits and obligations the parish has to the Archdiocese, and how Masses, confessions, and devotions are planned and scheduled. Registration is also necessary for certain matters, like scheduling Sacraments, obtaining sponsor certificates, getting donation statements for taxes, and having the possibility of participating in parish raffles. Registering at St. Patrick is a statement of faith in the Lord and confidence in the life and ministry of our parish. Registration forms are located in the parish office.

Would you prefer to give online?

Our parish offers Online Giving, a web-based electronic contribution application. Click here for more details.