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Men's Prayer & Discussion Group

Men’s Discussion and Prayer Group
Second and Fourth Saturday of the month

7:40 AM - Rosary | Church
8:00 AM - Mass | Church
8:30 AM - Discussion | Social Hall

The Men’s Prayer and Discussion Group is made up of guys from the parish who enjoy doughnuts and talking about our faith, issues we face, and helping each other become better husbands, fathers, and brothers. We're a small group of 8-12 men and we always welcome more. 

We usually have a prearranged topic that may tie into the Gospel or readings, but we take pride in the fact that while we often don’t stay on topic, we still manage lively discussion about faith-based issues we face in our daily life. These discussions last about 45 minutes (just long enough to have a couple of doughnuts and coffee) and the time always passes too quickly. It’s also important to note that speaking is not a requirement. If you’re more comfortable just listening, you are just as welcome. Also, you don't necessarily need to attend the rosary and mass beforehand but know that we'd welcome you there. If you're not a doughnut or coffee connoisseur, feel free to bring your own snack.

Our group is very informal and very friendly. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the parish office.

Steve Smith, Coordinator - 314-749-1306