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Lunch Program

Lunch Program

May 2024 Menu

The St. Patrick School Cafeteria Team is dedicated to providing wholesome, nutritionally-balanced food choices for students and staff at a reasonable cost. Menus are published in the school newsletters and posted online. Our lunchroom facilities are inspected and certified by the St. Charles County Health Department twice each. On staff, we complete continuing education as it pertains to our Lunch Program and facilities. Our staff works under the direction of an individual who holds a Food Service Manager Certification.

Food Service Director
Rita Molitor | 636-332-9913 ext. 123 | ritamol@stpatsch.org

Lunch Prices 2023-24
The Cafeteria Staff takes great pride in providing your child(ren) with a well-balanced lunch each day. Following Health & Safety guidelines, we offer the following:

Main entrée or an alternate entrée of equal nutritional value, various hot/cold vegetables, various fruits along with a garden side salad. Included with every meal is a choice of 1% white milk or 1% chocolate milk and a 100% fruit juice consisting of various flavors. Your child(ren) will be given the opportunity to have a second helping of the main or alternate entrée only.

Preschool/Pre-K: $3.50
K-8: $4.00
Second Entree: $1.00
Adult Visitor: $4.50

Students may also bring lunch to school. Ready-made food is required since microwave ovens are not provided and parents are encouraged to provide items students are able to open on their own.

Ala Carte Juice/Milk, Snack Bar, & Ice Cream
$1.00 per item

Includes various Smart Snacks, such as fruit, crackers, chips, pretzels, cereal bars, and cookies. Smart Snack compliant means products sold meet healthy limits for calories, fat, sodium, and sugar. Please note that certain a la carte items may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, and wheat, and/or may be manufactured in a facility that processes products with these allergens. Ice cream is produced in-house and flavors vary from week to week. On occasion, pre-made ice cream snacks are substituted. White or chocolate milk and various juice flavors are available.  

Cash or Punch Cards: Students may pay cash for individual ala carte items or a ten-item punch card may be purchased for $10.00 in lieu of sending money for these items. Three separate punch cards are offered: snack only, ice cream only, or snack and ice cream combo. Monies or checks sent in for purchasing a punch card must be separate from the hot lunch program and specifically marked in a separate envelope. We ask that each sibling have his/her own card. The punch card is non-refundable and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Lost, misplaced, or laundered cards cannot be replaced. It is recommended that the punch card remains in the student’s lunch box for easy retrieval.

Ice Cream Schedule
Monday-Friday | 4th through 8th Grade
Tuesday | Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Wednesday | 2nd and 3rd Grade

  • Parents may drop off payment (cash or check) at the school office.
  • Parents may send in money (cash or check) with their student to school. Please clearly indicate on the check memo line that payment is for lunch, made payable to St. Patrick School.
  • Parents may log in to Renweb and make payments online through FACTS.

Every family is required to have at least $10.00 in their lunch account in the event of a forgotten lunch so their child(ren) will be able to purchase one. You may view your child(ren)'s account balance in Renweb under Family Billing. NOTE: A negative balance means that amount is available in your account to spend on lunches. A positive balance means that amount is owed and payment should be submitted as soon as possible. Lunch money is recorded daily by family, not by individual students.

It is important to keep up with your student's lunch account balance. If a student falls negative for two consecutive lunch purchase days and reasonable attempts have been made to notify the student's parents/guardians, an alternate lunch may be served to the student until the balance is brought up to date. During the course of the school year, if money is owed to your account, a summary will be emailed to you with the amount that is due. At the end of the school year if there is an unpaid balance the student's report card will be held until the account is paid in full.

Excess lunch funds at the end of a school year will be applied to the returning family’s account for the next school year. Unused lunch funds of the last child in the family graduating from our school will be applied to any outstanding balances or if non-applicable, amounts over $5.00 will be refunded.

Food Allergy Policy/Procedures


1. The parent turns in our school office a statement, making us aware of a child’s food allergy. This statement has been and will always be taken as a precaution to notify St. Patrick School of a possible reaction to exposure to the described allergen.
2. An Emergency Action Plan is required from the child’s doctor
3. The student is required to sit at the Allergy-Free table during the lunch period. (Exceptions to this procedure must have a doctor’s letter specifically stating the child is safe to sit in the open-seating area of the cafeteria. Parents must realize that students seated in the open area are not monitored, as cafeteria monitors have no way of knowing where they are sitting from day-to-day.)
4. Cafeteria monitors will cleanse the Allergy-Free table at the end of each lunch period.

Food Allergy Form & Action Plan

Employment Opportunities
Visit stpatrickwentzville.org/employment for a list of current employment opportunities at St. Patrick School. If interested, contact Rita Molitor, Cafeteria Director, at 636-332-9913, ext. 123 or ritamol@stpatsch.org. Employees must be compliant with the Safe Environment Program before starting the position. For information regarding the Safe Environment Program, visit www.stpatrickwentzville.org/sep.

Volunteers for the lunchroom are coordinated through the school office. To volunteer, please email margie@stpatsch.org or stop by the school office. The hours are from 10:55 AM to 12:30 PM.

Parents (maximum of two) are welcome to have lunch with their children. Parents are encouraged to purchase lunch through the cafeteria ($4.50; child $4.00); however, if you choose to bring lunch in, we ask that a healthy choice lunch be provided. If purchasing through the cafeteria, please call the office no later than the morning of the visit to place the order. Please do not bring outside fast-food lunches to school for your child(ren). Parents may sit with their child and his/her class. Parents must enter through the front door and sign in. No parent may enter through the cafeteria door, whether to drop off a lunch or to join their child.

*You may contact the School Office to inquire about lunchtimes for any grade level. 

Lunch Time Rules
Table manners and inside voices are expected during lunch.

No food is to be carried out of the cafeteria.
Do not share food.
Students are expected to clean up their place.
Lunch boxes should be placed in tubs before going out to recess.
All students will remain in the cafeteria until the bell signifying the end of their lunch period.
Soda is never allowed during lunch.

It is very important that students pre-order their lunches in the morning in the classroom on a daily basis. We rely on these lunch counts to prepare enough food for all of our students. Late students should inform office personnel of their lunch orders upon their arrival at school.

Please make sure your child knows that if he or she has a lunch problem such as a forgotten lunch, no money, etc., he or she should always inform a member of the cafeteria staff about it. If we are notified of the situation, your child will not go hungry.

Non-Discrimination Statement

St. Patrick Catholic Church and School provide equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants without regard to their age, color, disability status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, veteran status, or any other class protected by state or federal law. As a Catholic school, St. Patrick Catholic Church and School reserve the right to use religion as a hiring criterion for selected positions, as permitted by law. Employment offers are contingent on the satisfactory outcome of a standard background screening.