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2020 Parish Mission

Our Parish Mission
February 3-6, 2020

We invite you to join us on February 3 – 6, 2020 for St. Patrick’s Parish Mission “Renewed in the Holy Spirit”.  Father Pete Schavitz, a Redemptorist mission priest from Chicago, will present this truly unique spiritual event.  Come and be renewed by the Holy Spirit before your Lenten journey begins.  A parish mission is a series of presentations that are intended to challenge, support and uplift our spiritual journeys. This mission is for everyone; those brand new in their Catholic faith and those that have been Catholic all their life.  Childcare and transportation for those who don’t drive will be available.  Each evening will conclude with a parish social complete with wonderful food, drink, and conversation.  We look forward to seeing you and being “Renewed in the Holy Spirit” together.

Day 1
Monday, February 3 at 6:30 pm
Topic:  God’s Plan of Salvation and Our Response
* Parish social immediately following mission talk in the Social Hall

Day 2
Tuesday, February 4 at 6:30 pm
Topic:  Who is Jesus for Us?
* Parish social immediately following mission talk in the Social Hall

Day 3
Wednesday, February 5 at 6:30 pm
Topic:  Sin, Reconciliation, and Healing
* Parish social immediately following mission talk in the Social Hall

Day 4
Thursday, February 6 at 6:30 pm 
Topic:  Our Mission to Share in the Work of Jesus and the Church
* Parish social immediately following mission talk in the Social Hall

St. Patrick’s Parish Mission Team

Mission Support Services

Do you need help to attend the Parish Mission?  If so please contact:

Dianne Ohlms, 636-463-2326 or [email protected]

Child Care Volunteers needed. Contact Kathleen if you can help.

Kathleen Boedeker, 636-561-0071 or [email protected]

Offered for Children Ages 6-9

Becky Schoolcraft, [email protected]

CLICK HERE for the Child Care and Liturgy of the Word Registration Form

^ Children five and under can be dropped off in the Social Hall for babysitting before the mission start at 6:30 pm Monday – Thursday evenings.  Children six to nine can stay with the parents at the start of the mission session until they are dismissed for Liturgy of the Word.  On Monday and Tuesday, they will be brought back to their parents during the mission session.  On Wednesday evening they will stay with childcare until they are picked up by their parents upon completion of the mission session.  There will be no Liturgy of the Word on Thursday evening since we will be celebrating Mass.  Children ten and older can stay with their parents for the entirety of the mission sessions.

Mission Volunteers - CLICK HERE or call the parish office.
We are looking for Greeters, Bearers, Altar Dressers, & Eucharistic Ministers

Jenny Jacobson, 605-222-6083 or [email protected]
Cyndi Barclay, 636-322-9225 or [email protected]

Pope Paul VI (1963-78) spoke about the Church’s need to first evangelize our fellow Catholics. Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) saw the new millennium as being the age of “new evangelization.” Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013) talked about re-evangelizing Europe. Pope Francis (2013-Present) in “Joy of the Gospel” and “Joy of Love” exhorts us, parents especially, the first evangelizers of the faith to their children, to reach out and invite people to come and know Jesus.

Rev. Peter Schavitz, C.Ss.R. is a Redemptorist mission preacher that will be hosting our parish mission on February 3-6, 2020. The Redemptorists invite pastors and parishioners to join us in efforts to reach out to the in-actives and invite them to the extraordinary preaching event we call the Parish Mission. Statistics make evident the need to reach out. Forty-four people out of every one hundred in the United States are unchurched. There are sixty million Catholics in the United States. Of these sixty million, 25% celebrate Eucharist weekly; 50%, or thirty million Catholics, celebrate Eucharist occasionally; and 25% never go to church at all. Since the in-actives are not at weekly Mass, they will not read or hear about the mission. We must look for other ways to announce the mission and invite them to attend. Over the years, experience has taught us that in an overwhelming number of cases, friends bring friends back to Church. Not family, but friends.


A Parish Mission is a series of presentations that are intended to challenge, support and uplift our spiritual journeys, something like being on a retreat spread out over several days. The Mission is for everyone, young and old, for those with many questions or only a few, and for those just starting, recently returning, or deeply engaged in their faith journey. The mission will be rooted in the richness of our Catholic heritage. Each session has a different theme, but all center on one's personal faith journey, connecting our faith to everyday life. We will gather together at the Cross to pray, sing, listen and receive an invitation to grow, and then disperse to bring Jesus' love and mercy into the world through our actions. 


People who become inactive in the Church state that it was the invitation of someone they knew and respected that greatly influenced them. If you would be willing to attend a short meeting to review our parish evangelization efforts and your involvement, please give us your information. If you want to share the name of an inactive Catholic, fill out the form in the bulletin.

Questions? Contact us at 636-332-9225 or [email protected]

Forming Disciples; Leading All to Christ