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Mass Settings

Storrington Mass Video

For centuries, the Liturgy of the Holy Mass has been interlaced with a variety of “music settings” for the Mass parts.

A mass setting includes Gloria, Gospel Acclamation (Alleluia except during Lent) Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, and Lamb of God. Some composers have additional parts such as a Kyrie/Lord Have Mercy, a song to be sung during Sprinkling, and/or a Communion Song.

Since the translation of the texts of the Mass in 2011, there have been many mass settings composed with the new texts. Some of them were from the past texts that were rewritten to accommodate the new texts. Most have been completely new compositions.

Many times, we don’t do all from one setting. Sometimes the composer didn’t write a particular part, or the part is not as singable. Sometimes there is a great singable part such as an Alleluia, but there hasn’t been a full Mass written along with it, so we integrate.

We usually change over with the liturgical seasons, using perhaps 2-3 during the big block of Ordinary Time. Enough repetition to learn and sing well, enough change to display the season changes, and for variety.

The newest mass settings we have sung at St. Patrick are Mass of Renewal by Kauffman and Mass of the Incarnate Word by local Adam Bitter.

The newest one we are integrating in this 2020 season is the Storrington Mass, which you can find on YouTube. To listen, search “Storrington Mass” and select the video by MassSettings.


Gospel Acclamation 2:36
Holy Holy Holy 5:20
Save Us, Savior of the World 7:09
Amen 7:37
Lamb of God 8:37