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2019 Parish Mission

2019 Parish Mission

2019 Parish Mission - 3-part Evening Series

Sunday, March 31
Monday, April 1
Tuesday, April 2

6 PM - Confessions available
7 PM - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Speaker Fr. David Meconi
8 PM - Benediction 

Fr. David Meconi, S.J.

A Parish Mission is a time to “be still” for a few evenings and take time to examine one's soul. We are such infinite and complex creatures and we can all too easily get caught up in the important and immediate demands of daily living. But the Church knows us better than we know ourselves often, and has set aside 40 days for us to prepare to receive the greatest moment in human history, the resurrection of Christ and the human race's victory over death and decay.

Sunday Evening: Made in the Image & Likeness of God
St. Augustine realized more than most that "our hearts are restless until they rest in God." No creature can fulfill us and we have one another to get each other to heaven. This evening's talk is an invitation to reflect on how we see and treat one another, as well as all the many gifts we enjoy in our lives. We are created with great purpose and infinite worth to love and to be loved. Fr. Meconi will spend the first night stressing God's love, that first and fundamental truth that most of us can parrot back but rarely believe: God is in love with each of us thoroughly and absolutely, and the only thing holding us back from that embrace is our own unwillingness to be received, to matter to another rightly. We shall therefore conclude this evening with an examination of the 7 deadly sins.

Monday Evening: Coming to Christ Through Surrender, Not Submission
The second evening will hopefully be an experience of Christ's own life: to see what happened at the Annunciation between Gabriel and Our Lady and how that matters still for us today. We will more deeply discover how the Incarnation of Jesus is still occurring, every time each of us lifts a prayer to "Our Father," every time you and I continue Christ's life in the world through our own actions. Why God becomes human is the focus of this evening and how that reality can be prolonged in each of us.

Tuesday Evening: Be The Body of Christ
In our final evening we will fittingly turn to the Holy Spirit and how it is He who consecrates the Body of Christ, which we are, His living temples on earth. So many of us Catholics are sacramentalized, meaning we have gone through the course of catechesis and all the sacraments, but how many of us really understand these sacraments and identify the gifts the Holy Spirit gives to us. By learning how to foster a constant, deep and abiding presence of God's Spirit within us we can discover true peace and perfect joy and thus more perfectly love those around us with the ultimate goal of bringing our Lord's love, mercy and care to all we encounter.