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School Uniform Policy

Reprinted from the Family Handbook with Spirit Wear & Out of Uniform Days written first for quick reference.


Student attire contributes in large measure to the atmosphere of the school. While dress out days are uniform-free days, the student’s attire should always reflect a level of modesty that demonstrates one’s commitment to the Catholic values of self-respect and should reflect the dignity of one who is a child of God.

The following are Spirit Day guidelines:

  • Shirt must be a St. Patrick Spirit Day shirt purchased from Creative Stitches or Sportsprint or a collared uniform shirt
  • Pants must be an acceptable out-of-uniform pant—loose fitting only (i.e. jeans, athletic pants or khakis)
  • Uniform Shorts or Spirit Shorts purchased from Sportsprint are the only shorts allowed on Spirit Dress Out Days. Grades 6- 8 may wear PE shorts on Spirit Days.
  • Athletic shoes must be worn that fit snuggly on the feet secured by Velcro or shoelaces.
  • Sock of some sort must be worn.
  • Be sure to note items below, which are never permitted.


The following are guidelines to be followed for special designated Out-of-Uniform days (birthday, picture day, etc…):

  • All shirts must be long enough to be tucked into pants or skirts, and necklines should not be revealing.
  • Pants can be khakis, dress slacks, jeans, athletic pants, etc. and fit loosely.
  • Skirts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the middle of the knee.
  • Uniform Shorts or Spirit Shorts purchased from Sportsprint are the only shorts allowed on Spirit Dress Out Days
  • Leggings are acceptable if worn under appropriate length dress or skirt; leggings are not to be worn with tunics or long shirts.
  • Socks of some sort must be worn.
  • Shoes must fit snuggly and stay on feet when walking. Boots without heels and slip-on shoes such as Vans, Sperrys are allowed on out-of-uniform days only, not Spirit Days. (Athletic shoes must be worn for P.E. classes.)
  • Girls may wear longer, dangling earrings, but no more than one inch.

The following are NEVER PERMITTED:

  • Clothing and/or personal possessions that reference drugs, alcohol, sexual connotations, or exhibit double meanings; advertise alcoholic beverages, bars, rock bands and their activities, or promote values contrary to the Catholic Church.
  • Tight-fitting tops, pants, or clothing of any kind.
  • Writing across the backside of the pants.
  • Low-cut, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap, tank, or t-strap shirts or dresses.
  • Skirts, shorts, or cut-off shorts that are shorter than 3 inches above the middle of the knee
  • Pants or shorts with holes, frays, and stains.
  • Tight-fitting pants: Yoga pants, pajama pants, leggings worn as pants, and tight jeggings.
  • Sandals, open-backed shoes with or without straps, and heels higher than one inch.


The appearance and dress of students are the primary responsibility of the parents/guardians. However, each Catholic school has the authority to establish policies, guidelines, and regulations for students' appearance.

A school uniform acts as the “great equalizer” and allows the entire school community to focus on each child’s academic, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Because students are perceived as representatives of the school, the school has a reason and a right to expect students to dress appropriately and groom themselves at school and all school events.

No dress code can possibly cover all eventualities or possibilities, and it should be understood that the administration will have the final decision as to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.


Grades K-8

  1. Students and their parents are responsible for complying with the uniform policy. Each student must be in complete uniform unless there is a specially designated out-of-uniform day. The uniform is to be neat and clean at all times.
  2. All items must be marked with the family name to help recover lost items.


  1. K-5 girls - Plaid jumper from Fischer Apparel of an appropriate length, no shorter than 3 inches above the middle of the knee. (Shorts must be worn under jumpers.)
  2. 6-8 girls - Plaid skirts from Fischer Apparel of an appropriate length, no shorter than 3 inches above the middle of the knee. Skirts should not be rolled. (Shorts must be worn underskirts.)
  3. Slacks - Dress navy blue slacks. (No knit, corduroy, carpenter, cargo or patch pocket.)
  4. Shorts - Dress navy blue walking shorts may be worn year-round. Shorts may be no shorter than three inches above the middle of the knee cap for all grades. No knit, nylon athletic, corduroy, carpenter, cargo, patch pocket, or Capri’s (below the knee). When choosing to wear shorts, please use discretion in regard to weather and temperatures.
  5. Shirts - Solid white blouse or shirt with collar (no frills), with long or short sleeves, in knit or cotton. Solid white turtle necks (no mock) are acceptable No logos, trademarks or monograms. Green collared shirt with St. Patrick emblem purchased from Creative Stitches. Note: Shirts must be worn tucked in. School uniform collared shirts must be worn under school sweatshirts. Only plain, white t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts at any time. Undergarment colors must match the shirt being worn at all times.
  6. Sweatshirt - Solid navy blue cardigan sweater, St. Patrick sweatshirts (navy or grey quarter-zip or crewneck forest green colors only).
  7. Socks – Solid white, black, dark navy blue or gray socks that are visible when worn with shoes. Students are permitted to wear logos on their socks. There may be a small logo that is either white or black. No other colors or large size logos will be accepted. Socks must be matching. In addition, girls may wear white or navy blue tights or knee socks. Only leggings with school logo, purchased through Creative Stitches, may be worn under plaid jumpers or skirts.
  8. Belts – Solid, dark belts (black, blue, or brown) must be worn with slacks or shorts with belt loops. A belt is not required in Kindergarten if the slacks or shorts have an elastic waist and no belt loops. Grades 1-8 are required to wear a belt.
  9. Shoes – Student shoes must be safe for activewear and non-distracting. Shoes must have some type of fastener to keep them fitting snugly, i.e. shoelaces or Velcro. All shoes must have non-scuffing soles, and shoelaces must be tied at all times. No totally neon, vinyl, blinking lights, sparkles, characters, or bold patterns on shoes. Laces should match the shoe, meaning that the color of the lace should also be on the shoe. No heelys, boots, Sperry’s/deck shoes, sandals, heels, platforms, wedges, slip-on, open toe, roller blade, or open back or strap back shoes of any kind. High tops or basketball shoes may be worn. Athletic shoes must be worn for PE classes. Shoes should be selected with a conservative mindset. Shoes should not be so ostentatious as to draw attention or distract from learning.


  1. Hair must be neat and clean. A hairstyle must be in keeping with the total image the uniform represents – that is, no extreme hairstyles such as dyeing, coloring, highlighting, faux hawks, hair extensions, beach braids, wraps, feathers, beading, or any other hairstyle considered to be extreme.
  • Boys’ hair must be worn in a conservative, non-distracting, above the eyebrows, out of the face, clean-neck style. Boys’ hair should not exceed half-way over the ear. Extreme shaved hair styles are unacceptable. Gels and fixatives should be used sparingly. Facial hair is prohibited.
  • Girls’ hair must be worn such that bangs are not in eyes. Long bangs must be held back with small clips or headbands. Simple, non-distracting bows, headbands or ribbons may be worn in the girls’ hair.
  1. Girls’ and boys’ hair should be their God-given unaltered hair color. Students who do not comply with this hair policy will have five calendar days from the day we are made aware of the non-compliance, to make the correction back to the student’s natural, God-given hair color. Failure to meet the five-day correction policy will result in the student not being able to return to school until in compliance with school policy.


  1. Make-up, tattoos, and artificial nails may not be worn. Clear polish is acceptable. In the interest of health and safety, students are not allowed to deface their body in any way by writing words or drawing pictures or symbols of any kind.
  2. Jewelry: Only small post earrings may be worn by the girls. Earrings hanging below the earlobe or multiple earrings in one ear are not permitted. Boys may not wear earrings. Bracelets of any kind are not allowed.

Other jewelry shall be discreet, simple, and limited to a silent watch, a ring, or a tasteful religious symbol on a chain. For safety reasons, these items may need to be removed during P.E. classes. Apple watches are prohibited, as they are an extension of a cell phone.

  1. Perfume, scented lotions, scented Germ-X, or aerosol deodorant should not be re-applied at school.

Excessive use of any of these products becomes an irritant for individuals in close proximity. In these situations, individuals will be required to limit or discontinue the use of the said product.

  1. Shirts must be worn tucked in. School uniform collared shirts must be worn under school sweatshirts. Only plain, white t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts at any time. Undergarment colors must match the shirt being worn at all times.
  2. A minor infraction will be given for uniform violations.
  3. All students, grades Kdg - 8, must comply with all uniform policies regarding hair, nails, etc. up to and including their last day of school. Lack of adherence to these policies will result in the student’s inability to participate in the special activities scheduled throughout the school year including the last days of school.


  1. Only Grades 6-8 will be required to change for P.E. classes. Lower-grade girls should wear shorts under their jumpers.
  2. Students in Grades 6-8 shall purchase the P.E. uniform of shorts and t-shirts through the school. It is recommended students purchase two t-shirts in order to keep a clean shirt at school. Sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn over the P.E. uniform at the discretion of the P.E. teacher. A sweatshirt for P.E. must be kept at school at all times. Athletic shoes and school socks must be worn.

The Uniform Policy has been established to create an environment that minimizes distractions and serves to keep the focus on what is most important: the spiritual and academic development of your son or daughter and instilling in them the values of respect, integrity, and responsibility.

Attire not in compliance with the uniform policy will prompt communication to the parent for an alternative attire to be brought up to school or change into a school-provided uniform if parents are unable to provide an acceptable change of clothes.

Adherence to the uniform policy is a matter of respect for the guidelines established by the school and a matter of fairness to all students. Parental support in upholding the guidelines and policies of St. Patrick School is crucial to the success of our mission.