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St. Patrick CYC Basketball (Grades 3-8)

St. Patrick CYC basketball registration is now open for players and coaches. Please visit the *NEW* site below to register. 

Fees are $75 for students enrolled in full-time school or PSR and for families registered with the parish. Fees are higher for non-parishioners.

Register quickly, as the season could easily fill up since many other local leagues are not offering a season. Registration will close as grades fill. 

Contact Joan Hayes for more info [email protected]

To register online, visit https://www.teamsideline.com/sites/cyosaintcharlesmo/home and select "Click here to
register online" and then scroll down and click on St. Patrick - Winter 2020

 Look for updates on CYC Rainout Line or from your coordinator regarding games during inclement weather.  Follow CYC Rainout Line on Twitter: @stcharlescyc

Covid Notes for 2020-21 Winter Season

The pandemic has caused a number of organizations to not hold a season. We are very fortunate that the CYC has managed to maintain a sports season. However, there are significant restrictions compared to previous years. Primary changes are noted below, and please keep in mind that the situation is constantly in flux.

  • Limitation on game spectators based upon gym size (1-2 spectators per player)
  • All spectators must wear masks at all times indoors
  • Players, Coaches, and Spectators may not enter a facility for a game until everyone from the preceding game has exited the facility and the common areas have been sanitized
  • No parents or siblings may enter the facility during practice times
  • Coaches must wear masks at all times when in close contact (6’) with players
  • Players not in the game must wear masks
  • No concessions will be available
  • Marked entry and exit paths will be maintained where possible
  • Players and Coaches need to provide their own practice and game warmup balls

Players and Coaches: CYC ID Cards Required
ALL players and coaches must obtain a CYC ID Card. There is a $5.00 fee for the card. You will need a photo and a legal document to apply online or you may apply in person. Note: As of August 1st, 2020 ID cards will no longer be printed and mailed. They will be delivered electronically via email as an image file that you may print from home and keep for your records. If you have an ID card that has not yet expired, you NO NOT have to apply for an electronically delivered card.

All players and coaches must be compliant with Prevent and Protect
Your continued support through volunteering is, as always, greatly needed and appreciated! All coaches, referees, scorekeepers, and volunteers must be compliant with the new platform www.preventandprotectstl.org. This consists of attending a Protecting God's Children Workshop, registering with Prevent and Protect, and completing various online forms.

Questions? Contact • Rebecca Stoehner • Child Safety Coordinator • [email protected]

Volunteers: It takes a concerted effort to make a basketball season successful, so we are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to help with coaching, concessions, or in any other way, please contact us.

Referees: We are looking for anyone interested in being a referee. If you are interested, please contact us.

Basketball Uniforms

After team assignments, each family will receive information regarding the ordering of uniforms. This is in addition to the registration fee. Uniforms (jersey and shorts) are about $35 per set. You may wear a previous season’s uniform, you need not order a new one every year as long as it fits. Uniforms must be ordered right away or they may not arrive in time for the first game.


WHEN DOES THE SEASON START? - Teams will be assigned in late November, and practice begins in December. Teams get 10 regular season games beginning in January.

WHEN WILL I HEAR FROM MY COACH? - Once teams are finalized you should hear from your coach in November.

WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  - Practice days and times are up to your coach.  Each team will have the opportunity for one weekly (75 minutes) practice in the St. Patrick gym. Some coaches have arranged additional practice at other gym facilities at their own cost.

WHEN ARE GAMES? - All games are on the weekends either Friday nights, all day Saturday, or Sunday after Mass.

WHAT ARE THE RULES? - For questions on rules and regulations, visit St. Charles CYC.

HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ST. PATRICK ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION? - Contact David Yates at [email protected] to see how you can contribute to this program.

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS - Joan Hayes, [email protected]